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TBL Media, Inc. Success Story

MicroLumen, Inc. (

The Industry

MicroLumen manufactures custom polyimide tubing with small inner diameters and thin walls primarily for low invasive medical devices, and, specializes in flexible and kink resistant polyimide tubing, PTFE composite tubing and reinforced tubing.

The Customer

Founded in 1987, MicroLumen, Inc. is the International Leader in the manufacture of high performance Polyimide tubing. MicroLumen's Polyimide tubing is a thermoset plastic providing the ultimate in mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electrical properties. Their products are used in a wide range of critical applications such as cardiovascular catheters, stint delivery, urological retrieval devices and drug delivery. MicroLumen Polyimide tubing is ideal for electronic applications requiring thin walls, small diameters, and high dialectic strength. We accommodate many specialty products including braid reinforcement, coiling, FEP & PTFE coatings, thermoplastic TopCoat, radiopaque, and MicroCut lengths.

The Challenge

TBL Media's challenge in this instance was to design an attractive, professional looking presentation for an industry specific manufacturing company. Although the website was going to be static and did not require any real dynamic features, the design needed to have a highly professional look and feel.

The Solution

In order to provide MicroLumen, Inc with a visually attractive Internet Presence which emphasizes the utmost in professionalism, TBL Media created a web page design using unique graphic imagery that showcases MicroLumen's Products. TBL Media's Graphic Design Depart created the visually stunning presentation using Adobe PhotoShop. The website's programming was developed using HTML and JavaScript.

The Overview now presents information about the company, its history, philosophy, and, products in an attractive, professional, and, easy to navigate website.

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