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TBL Media, Inc. Success Story

The American Safety and Health Institute (

The Industry

First Aid, Safety and Health Instruction

The Customer

The American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) is an established, leading first aid training and safety organization with more than 30,000 authorized instructors in 3,000-plus training centers nationwide. ASHI is an association designed to deliver cost-effective instructional programs in the areas of first aid, CPR, workplace safety/disaster preparedness, child and babysitting safety, driving safety, aquatic training and rescue and pet first aid, among others. ASHI successfully targets all areas of safety and health, helping to educate the lay public and emergency service professionals alike. ASHI programs encourage class participation and are presented in an easy-to-use format. They are also taught with specific industries in mind and can be customized to meet specific safety and emergency response needs. By facilitating a training center approach and providing professional instruction in the workplace and community, ASHI offers accreditation to organizations such as hospitals, colleges, public schools, municipalities, and companies - these being independent training centers.

The Challenge

To redesign an existing website and to provide a means for The American Safety and Health Institute to provide their 30,000 plus Instructors in over 3,000 Training Centers nationwide with access to Instructional Programs and emergency medical supplies online. Instructors and Training Centers needed the ability to apply for membership in the Program, and, once accepted, access Instructional materials, newsletters, purchase Instructional as well as Health and Safety related materials, and the ability to email not only ASHI, but, also other Instructors and Training Centers. The American Safety and Health Institute needed the ability to administer the program, to accept or disapprove membership applications, to update newsletters, the online e-store, downloadable catalogs, instructional materials, membership data, images, text, and a pop-up survey/announcement when visitors access the website. ASHI also required the ability to email their clients individually, or, as a group.

The Solution

Programming solutions utilizing HTML, ASP, an Email ListServ, ASP forms, including Instructor and Training Center Applications, an ASP Shopping Cart, a comprehensive Administration area, and, updatable databases utilizing SQL Server 2000.

The Overview

After extensive consultations with ASHI and a thorough competitive analysis TBL Media, Inc. provided the American Safety and Health Institute with a comprehensive new web design and all required forms, databases, applications, total Administration abilities, an online e-store, and full functionality.

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